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International Collaborations

Welcome to Rice University's International Collaborations Portal!

The intellectual seeds of Rice University were planted and cultivated by President Edgar Odell Lovett, the first of many internationally-minded leaders of Rice. As he prepared to lead the new university on Main Street, Lovett embarked on a journey that would take him to some of the scholarly capitals of the world, including London, Stockholm, Paris, Berlin, Zurich, Rome, Madrid, Lisbon, Athens and Tokyo. This exploratory trip would mark the character of Rice University in profound ways, as the information gathered during visits to dozens of universities and colleges determined Lovett's decisions regarding features such as the curricular offerings of the new Institute, the makeup of the original faculty, and the desired architecture for the new academic facilities and housing.

In the spirit of Rice's original calling as an international institution, we invite you to explore the various components of Rice University's international engagement: study and learning abroad, research collaboration, as well as the international opportunities on Rice's campus and in Houston, a truly global city.